A tulip in San Diego

andrew andrew@avonia.com
Sat, 03 Mar 2012 12:15:41 PST
We can grow many things here but tulips can not be generally numbered among
them. Yesterday you can imagine my surprise when I saw Tulip 'Lilac Wonder'
smiling at me! I got it 8 years ago and it bloomed for me only the the
spring after I got it. I kept it alive a those years but no blooms appeared
until now. The winters are not cold enough. But this year, there it was,
with a label that was almost unreadable. To those of you across the country
(US) the bloom would be nothing to get excited about. But, for me in
southern California, it was a notable success. 

Is this tulip a form of  T. bakeri, as I see on the Internet, or is it a

San Diego 

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