A tulip in San Diego

Tim Chapman tim@gingerwoodnursery.com
Sat, 03 Mar 2012 20:09:52 PST

I haven't tried 'Lilac Wonder' yet.  But the various forms and hybrids of T clusiana have done well here in south Louisiana.  Some of the white and red ones ('Lady Jane' or 'Peppermint Stick') are blooming now. The yellow forms ( sold as T chyrsantha I believe) tend to bloom a month or so later for me.  There are others that don't need chilling as well but I haven't tried them yet.  Mine don't spread as vigorously as others have reported, but they aren't dwindling down either.   They were a small investment and for this area make much more since than throw away bulbs of Dutch hybrids that just rarely look good in local gardens anyway.  

From what I can tell the non chilling types are unrated and very underused in this area and perhaps many other places. 

Tim Chapman

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