Albuca 'Augrabies Hills'

Wed, 28 Mar 2012 17:30:37 PDT
Dear Dietrich,

Bravo! I could not agree more with your comment about locality info. As I
like to remind fellow collectors, names will change but localities do not.
As far as A. navicula, please see this new PBS entry:…


Dylan Hannon

2012/3/28 Dietrich Müller-Doblies <>

> Dear Silent Seed,
> I appreciate your "general rule not to buy anything until it has a
> proper name." Can you imagine to switch to the "general rule not to buy
> anything until it has a proper locality where it was collected"? Then
> the anything has a scientific value and it is worthwhile to get a good
> identification.
> As to our Albuca  'Augrabies Hills' the locality is evidently wrong. I
> got from South Africa the following information:
> "I've had a look at the SANBI database which is unfortunately does not
> provide detailed locality data but I can find only 3 specimens of Albuca
> polyphylla in the specimen database --
> Crouch, N. 795 (KZN)
> Strey, R. 7352 (KZN)
> Marchand, P. 10323 (Western Cape
> When using the map facility for Augrabies the search finds only one
> Albuca (A. setosa), based on a specimen collected by S Bester in 2005,
> housed in PRE.
> I think you can safely say the locality of the specimen is an error!"
> Do you have by chance Albuca navicula which has a proper name? Do you
> have a locality for it? It is not seldom offered in the U.S. but nobody
> can give me the locality.
> Regards
> Dietrich

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