Eucomis vandermerwei hybrids

Tim Chapman
Tue, 27 Mar 2012 16:26:30 PDT
I'm curious if anyone can clear up a question of mine regarding Eucomis hybrids and chromosome counts. 

I just purchased E hyb. 'Leia' at a local plant sale.  It looks to be an E. vandermerwei hybrid.  I had read an abstract of an article on Eucomis chromosome counts and although I don't have the list it did say that all of the smaller species were diploid while the larger ones such as comosa and pole-evansii etc were tetraploid. 

I've now seen photos of vandermerwei X comosa and vandermerwei X autumnalis hybrids.  So is vandermerwei a diploid? If so are these hybrids sterile triploids? Does anybody grow these and get viable seed set ?

These hybrids have much better foliage appeal then the majority of what's common in the US.  I'd love to see future developments in this direction. 

Tim Chapman

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