book auction, The Genus Iris

Dennis Kramb
Thu, 29 Mar 2012 10:54:48 PDT
Forgive me if I'm repeating information that was already posted... however,
I wanted to tell/remind everyone about a very special item that is up for
auction at the AIS (American Iris Society) convention in April.

It's a 1913 edition of The Genus Iris: By William R. Dykes which was
bequeathed to the ASI (Aril Society International) by Francesca Thoolen who
passed away 1 year ago this month.  Francesca was an absolute jewel for the
ASI, providing tons of knowledge and material to be published over the
years.  It's not surprising that she would bequeath this jewel... this
special book... to be auctioned off, with the proceeds benefiting the ASI.

For full details please visit…

If you can't attend the AIS convention, you can place bids electronically
from now until April 19th.

Who was Francesca?

Francesca was an iris lover and hybridizer.  Personally, I will always
remember her fondness for the diminutive & charming aril-pums (hybrids
between aril irises and Iris pumila).  She was also a prolific contributor
to the ASI website, yearbooks, and checklists.  For years she was
responsible for organizing and publishing the illustrated checklists.  As
the ASI webmaster I worked with her frequently.  She contributed the bulk
of the material in the library:   (Just take a look at the
"Classic Works" records of personal correspondences that she contributed!)

This is a rare opportunity to obtain a rare book, so please take a look &
consider placing a bid!

Thank you very much,
Dennis in Cincinnati

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