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Thanks Peter. This was helpful.   What is 'crocking'?  I don't understand
that term.

Regards, Lisa

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The short answer, in my opinion , would be at the bottom.
The longer answer is that I would pad the bottom of the pot with half an
inch of compost, and if there is a danger of a perched water table I would
plant rather higher.

Apologies to those who already know this or who find the science boring but
others may find this information helpful:

A  PERCHED WATER TABLE, in this case, is an area at the bottom of the pot
which remains saturated with water (and therefore has no air in the potting
medium). It happens when there is no route out of the pot for surplus water,
(such as a capillary action through the drainage holes (or the sides of
porous pots (clay or else pots with slots in the sides), or perhaps
evaporation in hotter climates?) A drainage hole with an air gap preventing
the water in the compost leaching out of the compost to the bench, plunge
medium, or ground will stop the surplus water from draining at the bottom of
the pot. The effect is easily demonstrated by lifting a sponge out of water,
it does not drain completely when suspended unless you touch the bottom of
the sponge.

There are times when all this is not a problem such as when a plant is
growing very fast and uses the water, or very limited watering, or shallow
planting.... but in general for deep planting of bulbs in pots the compost
should be in contact with a porous medium  such as a capillary mat, earth,
or bedded in sand and 'CROCKING' SHOULD BE KEPT TO A MINIMUM!
Peter (UK)

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> Thanks to all for the info. I see where I have gone wrong.
> How deep to plant corm in 8" pot?

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