John Wickham
Sun, 07 Oct 2012 11:06:22 PDT
I'm feeling sorry for myself and wanted to complain about CRITTERS. Actually, I've been using several NOT friendly adjectives ahead of that word. Pulling my winter bulbs out of storage, I discovered that mice had gorged themselves over the summer. They decimated the Oxalis, Romulea, and Spiloxene. They taste tested the Moraea. Now, I'm not only trying to figure out what's gone, but will have to figure out if the labels are still accurate. 

They went after the bulbs that were most protected from any potential predators, so those at the back and bottom. Apparently any such storage needs protection that I didn't know was necessary. I didn't know I had mice or that they would do this. Some lessons are really difficult.

To top it all off, with the bulb pots now spread out...the jays and squirrels are potting up acorns. Looks like a bumper crop of oaks this year. 

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