PBS membership business

Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Sun, 14 Oct 2012 12:18:04 PDT
Hello, all,

I've just gone through the PBS membership list and purged it of 
former members who never renewed for 2012. We currently have 322 
paid-up members, including a number who have joined since October 1 
to take advantage of the extra three months you get when you join in 
the last quarter of the year -- join now and you're paid through 
2013. Members can participate in the Bulb and Seed Exchange (BX) with 
its tempting offerings that frequently are announced on this forum.

You can be a member of this e-mail list without paying dues to the 
PBS, but you must pay dues to participate in the BX and get the newsletter.

If you have not received the Bulb Garden newsletter in the past year, 
but received it the previous year, that means you did not renew for 
2012. If you think you're current but have not received it, please 
contact me PRIVATELY, NOT ON THE LIST, at the "Sender" address above. 
I have written privately to a few people whose data I think may be in error.

You can join, or rejoin, or renew, through the website:

Thanks for participating!

Jane McGary
Membership Coordinator

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