Nerine bowdenii - How to overwinter?

J. Denys Bourque
Thu, 04 Oct 2012 05:07:07 PDT
Thanks, Roger!
I'm not sure I can replicate anything close to Victoria's winter climate here. The closest will be a room at +15 C or the space under our staircase at +10 C. Both are rather dry, so I'll be checking regularly that my plants & bulbs don't dry up.

The Nerines are still in bloom; I brought them inside yesterday [we got a good 4th morning frost this morning]. Right now they are inside, by my patio door with the best natural light available. I'll move them to our not-so-well lighted living room next week, then to their winter place after that. These flowers are very beautiful, and I hope to save them. Perhaps I'll get some seed to try out.

Anyway, I have some nice tea from Rwanda that I enhance with dried jasmine flowers I picked in the Comoros, which I'll enjoy for your good health + that of the Nerines.

J. Denys Bourque
Saint-Jacques, NB   CANADA

> From: Rodger Whitlock <>
>Sent: Wednesday, October 3, 2012 2:22:51 PM
>At any rate, if Denys Bourque follows my advice, he will be subjecting his 
>nerines to something approximating the Victoria climate. As an added advantage, 
>this entitles him to sip tea and eat crumpets and pretend he's listening to sea 
>lions bellowing hoarsely on the rocks.
>Rodger Whitlock
>Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
>Z. 7-8, cool Mediterranean climate
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