The Future, Second Life

Christian Lachaud
Wed, 03 Oct 2012 23:48:57 PDT
Dear Bob,

If I may add some food for thoughts here, an important problem with
increasing presence in the virtual media and multiplying the amount of
pages - although it is surely a nice spider web - is that of information

Indeed, the more people contribute, the more the available richness of
human experience and amount of details. But at one point, information will
need to be pruned, synthesized, organized, and be made clear,
straightforward, and easy to digest.
If keywords and search engines indeed help, the end user is left too often
with the amount of pages to read, of videos to watch, and the material
limits that reality imposes on us cannot be reduced by the best advantages
of the virtual reality.

Therefore, placing information on the net is one point.
Making it cognitively available is another point.

If the challenge becomes too high for individuals to reach knowledge, they
will not be able to make the effort or even know that they have to make it.
This may be one point to consider when you examine the gain on membership


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