Starter Drugs - bulb wise

James Waddick
Mon, 01 Oct 2012 12:18:03 PDT
Dear Friends,

	There are lots of pros and cons presented to get kids 
interested in gardening. 'Instant gratification' is a powerful force. 
Tulips are easy and colorful and get eaten all too quickly, Narcissus 
are a bit more boring - color wise - but endure for the ages (or so 
it seems).

	I ask why limit the prospects?. Most decent size towns have a 
place that sell loose bulbs in bins very cheaply. For about $10 you 
can amass a collection of mixed tulips, mixed daffodils, mixed 
hyacinths and handful of crocus. Unless you have 10 grandkids, this 
is a slight investment in the gardening future.

	Maybe at Christmas they get the bulb and garden books to go 
with their earlier fall fun.

		Go for it.			Best Grandpa Jim W.

	( I already sent the grandkids some iris rhizomes a month or 
so ago and radish seeds in spring)

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