Gardening meets Econ 101

Jim McKenney
Mon, 01 Oct 2012 10:46:27 PDT
Leo, I have to agree with Boyce on this.

Give them tulips. They almost never fail the first year; they're big, colorful, flamboyant.

What child needs a plant which will persist for years? Their lives are continually changing, they are years, maybe decades away from having gardens of their own. They need something which gives them an immediate bang - and memories they won't forget. 

Yes, daffodils are a better investment, and that's an important lesson to learn. But who would want daffodils if they could just as easily and reliably have tulips?

All children should get a bag of Red Emperor tulips as a going back to school present. And when they bloom, they should pick one, hold it under their chin like a buttercup, and let someone take a picture of the red glow suffusing their chin. Then, years later, they can look at that picture and remember the good old days - and plant more tulips. 

Jim McKenney 

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