Introducing J. Denys Bourque

J. Denys Bourque
Tue, 02 Oct 2012 08:44:29 PDT
Dear All Bulb Enthusiasts,
I am an amateur flower gardener, having started this wonderful leisure activity five years ago, sort of as a therapy against boredom.  I find it truly relaxing to have my hands in the earth, comparable to going fishing or skiing.

I live in Northwestern New Brunswick, Canada, just across from Madawaska, Maine, USA; but I have lived and worked several years in Africa and South America.  We are officially in Canadian zone 3a and USA zone 4.  However, I find that because of exposure some micro-sites have conditions equivalent to those of zone 2, and others of zone 5, based on the overwintering success of the various plants I have tried.


J. Denys Bourque
Saint-Jacques, NB  CANADA

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