The Future.....

Tue, 02 Oct 2012 08:50:33 PDT
Perhaps this is why the PBS wiki is so important?

At least the great knowledge is online where the younger generation are.

I wonder just how many people under thirty are readers and contributors to wiki and this forum even?

I am hopefull that being part of the online revolution will keep plant lovers thriving as we share our knowledge.

But yes! I am sure that membership of specialist societies will be hit by the me generation.

All we can do is keep sharing and hope.


" Message du 02/10/12 17:06   
> All we can do is keep casting our net upon the waters and hope we will snare enough 'fish' to keep the accumulated knowledge of the past alive. So much proper knowledge of common sense and the world we live in has been lost for ever.
> Yrs gloomily
> Nick de Rothschild"

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