The Future.....

Dennis Kramb
Tue, 02 Oct 2012 09:04:11 PDT
I only belong to 5 plant societies:  Gesneriad Society, Pacific Bulb
Society, and 3 Iris Societies for (Louisianas, Arils, Species).  But
I'm obsessed with so many other different kinds of plants... orchids,
carnivorous plants, cacti, passiflora, tillandsias, hoyas, native

The internet allows me to cultivate those obsessions... make
friends... acquire new plant material.  No way could that have
happened 15 years ago!  And for the most part, it's free.

The throw-away plant industry isn't necessarily a bad thing either.
Orchids for $5 encouraged me to buy my first Phalaenopsis 2 years ago.
 Now I'm utterly addicted, and successfully growing Zygos, Phrags,
Cochleanthes, and other specialty mail-order kinds.

I'll probably never join an orchid society (nor tillandsia, nor
passiflora, nor hoya society, .....), but I'll participate actively in
their mailing lists, Facebook pages, and web-forums.  I'll support
their local shows and buy new plants from show vendors.  And my plant
growing success influences other friends & family & neighbors to try
growing something new.  The photos I post on Facebook invariably lead
to requests for seeds or cuttings.

Soooooo.... (rhetorical question here)... is it more important to have
flourishing traditional plant societies?  Or is flourishing public
enthusiasm in plants what really matters?  With easy access to
knowledge & material & new friends?  When I get obsessed enough...
I'll join a society.  But really, I'd rather spend that $25 membership
fee on buying more plants instead.

PBS has the perfect mechanism to keep me hooked as a member for life.
The Wiki & the BX.  It's *amazing*!!!  The PBS Wiki seduced me.  The
BX hooked me.  I predict the PBS will have a long & prosperous future.

Dennis in Cincinnati

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