Plant Memory -Mostly OT

James Waddick
Wed, 03 Oct 2012 09:02:09 PDT
Dear Friends, 
	With all this talk about childhood gardening, oldest plants etc, I am reminded of a childhood plant memory. 

	When I was in grammar school in Chicago decades ago - maybe 4th grade, teachers would offer 'Miracle Leaf' for sale for maybe 50ยข each. This 'Miracle leaf' was a single leaf of a Kalanchoe in a glassine envelope. The recipient would pin the leaf to a curtain (as suggested) and 'amazingly'  small plants would arise from the edges and could be planted to produce whole new plants.

	You can still buy these 'Miracle Leaf' on the web, but I wonder how many other school age memories including buying one of these -at that time - amazing leaves.

	Of course I don't really recall actually growing any plantlets, but I distinctly recall the excitement of getting a leaf and seeing the progress. 

				Best		Jim W. 

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