Wed, 03 Oct 2012 07:40:25 PDT

What I love about Corydalis scouleri is the dense stands of four foot tall foliage, in deep,moist, dark forest understory of  douglas fir, maple and alder. It makes walking through these places seem magical. The flowers are insignificant in comparison to it's stature and texture of foliage. A related genus Dicentria formosa, also native here and is lower growing with similar foliage but much more prominent flowers.

Local people near Seattle may have seen the beautiful stands of Corydalis at Federation Forest along the White river on hwy 410.  Well worth a stop for a walk on the way to see the yellow avalanche-lily and alpine fawn lily  blooming in pine forests and alpine meadows a few more miles up the highway . (pictured were in Ponderosa Pine forest on east side of cascades)

Rich H 
Bellingham, Wa

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