The Future.....

Tue, 02 Oct 2012 13:08:28 PDT
And that is a very good point, Diana.  Gardening is a lonely hobby, even 
when one does not live in a remote region. There are few bulb 
enthusiasts around where one lives.  And for me, here in New Zealand, I 
really miss the personal contact with other PBS'ers.

I have online "friends" around the world from the PBS, but oh, if only I 
could meet them.

And for young people who are still so very conscious of doing what 
others do, it would be a big drawback.


On 3/10/2012 6:58 a.m., Diana Chapman wrote:
>   I love my garden, and I
> love my bulbs, but gardening for me is a bit lonely, living in a rather
> remote county with no real possibility of a gardening community here.

Ina Crossley
Auckland New Zealand  Zone 10

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