Schizostylis, (was Need ID + a new question)

Tue, 02 Oct 2012 13:08:59 PDT
Years ago I grew a Schizostylis which became an absolute weed.  I cannot 
remember if it was the pink one or the red one.  It was in a place where 
there was rain runoff, so loved the moisture.  It multiplied through the 
rhizomes, not the seed I think.

My present red one is in a much drier position, but enough moisture to 
keep it happy enough.


On 3/10/2012 7:26 a.m., David Ehrlich wrote:
> One thing that gets me about the nomenclature: if Dietes is separated from
> Moraea in the Iridoid branch of the family on the basis of being rhizomatous
> rather than cormose, why isn't that sufficient to separate Schizostylis from
> Hesperantha in the Crocoid branch?

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