Resons about growing Cape Bulbs in the South
Sun, 11 Aug 2013 11:56:07 PDT
Well I a not sure I can help you but Arizona is pretty far South. I grow a  
lot of cape bulbs and have been very sucessful for over 15  years. I live  
in the wsetern side of the Phoenix Valley. We have temps that can get to 
over  120F and down to high 20's in the winter. Rain is very sporadic, mostly 
winter  and late summer. I grow mostly in containers, many Cyrtanthus are in 
gallon  plastic pots and are watered every other day during warm (plus 85F) 
weather and  they are in full sun. Most of my bulbs get part shade during 
very hot times.  Crinum are very easy to grow many are in 2 gallon pots. They 
are lush and  growing very rapidly now. Many bulbs that need a dry summer 
rest just go dormant  when they get too hot. My bulbs are under metal canopies 
so it is  easy   to keep them dry.I have found some bulbs adapt to the heat 
 better than others but I don't remember any total die offs. Hope this 
helps-Russ  H

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