photographing corms on grids

Tue, 29 Jan 2013 16:30:02 PST
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>Getting a good exposure of dark corms or seeds on a white background can be tricky.  
Mark wrote
Use an 18% grey background color for the pix.  Better digital image
management. Close enough is widely available to self print via a websearch.. Mark Mazer

Hi Mark,
Good idea. Originally I tried cardboard of a tan approximately 10% reflectance but it was too close to the color of most corms and bulbs. Grey should work, or a contrasting color such as blue or green with overall 18% reflectance. Flat grey would be easier to white balance. The seed photos by expert Steve Hurst with the blue background make the seeds stand out well. David Pilling used this technique for some recently posted bulb seeds on the wiki, for example see:…

Note the corms Mary Sue posted on that page have a green tinted grid which contrasts nicely with the tan corms.

Too late for this year but next year I'll print my grid on tinted paper.

- Gastil

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