Seriously Facebook

Michael Mace
Mon, 21 Jan 2013 16:07:05 PST
Clayton wrote:

> However, perhaps another question PBS should discuss is...... how big of a
group  do you want PBS to be?

Nice. That brings us around to the place where I think we should start the
conversation: What do we want PBS to be? What problems do we want to solve
in the world and for our members? Answer those questions and I think you'll
be well on your way to deciding what to do with Facebook (which is, after
all, just a tool rather than an end in itself).

My two cents:

--I think PBS as-is works very nicely. This forum is great and I don't think
there's much about it that we need to fix. The bulb ex also works great, as
long as we don't wear out Dell.

--The wiki is great, but contributing to it has a big learning curve. The
wiki could be even better with more contributions (for example, how about
cultivation notes for every species?). The worry is that if we make it
easier to contribute would we overload the wiki admins with too much work.
The danger is real and we shouldn't wish it away.

--Do we want more members, or more people with affinity to us?  (For
example, more people who use the wiki? Are there different levels of
participation we'd like to encourage or create?)  There's no reason we have
to be structured like a traditional offline enthusiast group.  The web is
infinitely flexible.

--The big, big, big problems that I'd like to see us address are:
	1. I get the feeling that bulb growing is a dying art. Our members
are getting old faster than we're adding new ones. This is a problem for
many plant societies, we don't have it as badly as some other groups, but
it's a real problem and we should not leave it until it becomes acute.
	2. Sources for wild bulb seed are dwindling away. This may be
related in part to item 1, but it's also due to government action. This
problem will definitely get worse. Having more members might help here, as
we could lobby more effectively.

Being more active on Facebook might help with growth in membership, but
there are a lot of other options we ought to consider. For example, if you
really want to recruit young people, Facebook is not the place to do it. The
right location is Tumblr. We could also do a ton with Instagram...

There's a lot more we could/should discuss on this stuff, but I doubt we can
cover it all in this forum -- the conversation will get too complicated.
But maybe if we can agree on the problem(s) to solve, it'll help drive
whatever followup conversation happens.

San Jose, CA

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