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Bulborum Botanicum bulborum@gmail.com
Sat, 19 Jan 2013 10:38:07 PST
I couldn't find the good link to post on Facebook
computers isn't my strongest site
impossible to post pdf on facebook

I made extra for you the link to the SRGC as advertisement for the SRGC
but don't understand that you couldn't see it
it was open for everybody

I took the album away
Janos will send me an other one
free for everybody to see

sorry I just wanted to help and promote the SRGC


2013/1/19 Youngs <youngs.aberdeen@btinternet.com>:
> Roland wrote: " I placed them on my Facebook page as .jpg
> easier to see for all
> Fantastic job from Ian
> Roland"
> Roland, thank you for your kind words.
> As to your action re facebook:
> We have not seen what you have posted in facebook  because the link is only open for members.
> Ian would prefer if only links to the Bulb Logs were placed on facebook.
> He has heard that photos on facebook may be captured and sold by facebook, who claim copyright of photos placed there.
>  He would much rather avoid that possibility so asks if you would  please remove the photos .
> Thank you,
>  Maggi
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