Bulbs,corms and tubers- colchicum corm

Youngs youngs.aberdeen@btinternet.com
Sat, 19 Jan 2013 10:30:25 PST
Jim: I can tell you that Ian is very much looking forward to his  2013 trip to NARGS 
chapters and is hoping to meet many friends, old and new.

He'll be on his own, Lily the dog and I will be staying at home, bulb-minding !  

PBSers might not know where to find the Bulb Log Feedback area is in the forum. It's here, in the Bulb Section: 
Ian Young's Bulb Log - Feedback Forum http://www.srgc.net/forum/index.php?board=9.0     . 

Also .... Gastil mentioned

"Great photos. If bulbs sliced in half makes you feel queasy, viewer discretion is advised."

When I first saw, some time ago that Ian had taken some photos of an Erythronium bulb cut in half and 
dissected, I was amazed - I couldn't believe he had brought himself to do such a thing! 
Mind you, he was looking quite shocked and shaky himself - it didn't come naturally to him. 
He can be reasonably dispassionate about some bulbs, but Erythronium are his goddesses!


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