Was Iris collina - now Little yellow iris & more

Sean Zera zera@umich.edu
Tue, 29 Jan 2013 10:33:13 PST
The only problem is that the Italian population has never been described as
a seperate species, subspecies or variety. Someone would have to publish a
formal explanation of how it is different from *sintenisii* (simply being
disjunct is not good enough) and give it a new name. *Iris collina* would
be unacceptable because a modern botanist would know that it has already
been used for *Moraea sisyrinchium*. Taxonomic naming rules are there (in
theory) to clarify communication.

However, anyone can name a cultivar. Someone could select a particularly
garden-worthy plant from wild Italian seed and call it *Iris
sintenisii*'Wild Italian'. It now has a name to associate with some
locality info, so
that interested parties know it is an example of the plant that is not and
should not be referred to as *Iris collina*, but without confusing
taxonomists. This would not preclude someone from subsequently formally
describing and naming the population, should it truly differ.

Sean Z

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