Crocus minimus id verification

Tue, 29 Jan 2013 09:42:35 PST
Hi Mediterranean Crocus experts,
Along the thread of properly identifying one's collection, may I ask someone with a Crocus reference to verify the id of these tiny beauties now blooming?
I expect these are Crocus minimus.……

If the id is correct then I will post a couple photos on the wiki. 

Currently on the wiki there are these photos:…
which do not contradict mine being C. minimus but neither do they confirm, as the outer tepal markings are not evident in the wiki pics 

and the 3 parts of the stigma are not as spread apart on mine, though this could be because mine were photographed on their first day open.

There is a nice photo on the SRGC forum here:…
which agrees with the C. minimus id.

Also please recommend a good book or website for Mediterranean geophyte identification.

Thank you,
Santa Barbara, California

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