Crinum Season and hardiness... again

Russell Stafford, Odyssey Bulbs
Fri, 05 Jul 2013 14:13:43 PDT
By "winter-grower", Mathew means it behaves as a Mediterranean 
species -- with most growth (above and below ground) occurring from 
fall through spring.

Crinum lineare flowers from early to late summer in the wild; C. 
variabile from summer to late autumn.  This according to Goldblatt 
et. al.  Plants are evergreen in the wild.  C. variabile occurs in 
streambeds in the NW Cape, a region that is almost desert-like in 
places.  C. lineare is a coastal SE Cape native (occurring in sand), 
where the climate is relatively moist compared to the NW.  All of you 
may already know all of this, but it's interesting to note the 
differences in habitats.


At 03:27 PM 7/5/2013, you wrote:
>This may well be true for best growth of Crinum lineare, but C. variabile
>is an opportunistic grower, and grows outdoors in the ground here in
>Indiana is summer, blooms in August-September, and is dormant in
>winter.  Opportunistic, not winter-growing.

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