Crinum Season and hardiness... again

B Spencer
Fri, 05 Jul 2013 13:44:14 PDT
I certainly would be interested in trying crinum bulbispermum up against a 
south wall planted very deeply and mulched in my zone 5 (it did behave like 
zone 6 lately  on a number of occasions, though. Not the same as forty years 
ago), if I could grow it from seed and plant out when the bulbs are larger. 
This way losses would not be so painful... financially, that is. Taking into 
consideration the providence of the seed, it is worth a try. Nothing risked, 
nothing gained!
Bea in Ontario

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Crinum bulbispermum is in full bloom here (in the ground) right now, and
has been blooming for 2 or 3 weeks already, at least this year.  It is
producing huge seed crops, and has done so in past years.  (Should I send
some to the BX again?)

Crinum variabile blooms in August or September, continuing on into
October.  It produces few if any seeds unless I hand pollinate the flowers
myself.  (Anyone want any of these seeds again this year?)

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