Help identifying unknown lilies

David Gray
Thu, 12 Sep 2013 18:41:07 PDT
My first post - My apologies in advance if I'm violating any of the rules .
. . or making a newbie mistake

I have collected plants and seeds from an unknown lily I have found growing
in several places along Interstate 10 in NW Florida.
General description:

White (or white-ish) trumpet-like flowers
Has grown to about 6 feet tall in my yard
Flowers generally open in mid to late August (although a few young plants
in my yard still have buds forming)
Seem to have a single strong stem (the stem of the largest plant in my yard
is about an inch in diameter)
Generally flowers at the very tip of the growing stem.  May have 10 or more
flowers on a mature specimen.
I have them growing in rather full sun, but I have found them growing in
areas with a significant tree canopy (although probably got full early
morning sun.)
They produce copious quantities of seed within the seed pod.
Seeds are brown / tan in color with, what I assume to be, a
darker-colored embryo

The flowers are not spectacular or anything, but I'm always looking for
something else to try growing.
I've done some research on the internet, but can't find anything that looks
to be a match.  They appear to be growing wild, i.e. not in yards, gardens,
or near old homesteads - but that really can't be said for certain.

I'm no expert, but the flowers look very similar to Easter lilies.

Temperatures here in NW Florida reach below freezing at least several
nights every winter

Here's a link to some photos (sorry not professional quality):…

(I hope the link works properly . . .)

Thanks for any suggestions on possible identification.

David Gray
Fort Walton Beach, FL
(Near Pensacola)

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