Message from Russ H
Thu, 12 Sep 2013 11:01:26 PDT
Regarding message 2 in the newsletter; Dear Cynthia what exactly do  you 
mean by a squill.There is the Genus Scilla called squills as well as  other 
Genera. Most Scilla are some shade of Blue, so could you come up with a  genus 
name. Scilla (the genus) has been taken apart and there are some huge  
bulbs from the cape that are still listed as Scilla. I am sure I could send you  
some blue Scilla but I want to make sure that is what you want. Send a note 
to  Russ at _jadeboy48@aol.com_ ( , Also what area 
 do you live in? Many Scilla love cold climates, some are more warmth  

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