Inquiry about Haemanthus

Peter Taggart
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 13:32:25 PDT
I agree, divide as they start growth, whatever species, though I have
limited experiance of the rarer ones. H coccineus is just starting growth
now, roots and flowers, not leaves yet, for me in the northern hemisphere.
Peter (UK)

On 28 August 2014 19:52, Kipp McMichael <> wrote:

> Jane,
>   I'm assuming this grower in the southern hemisphere. This is not
> actually important, but just a note to help confirm the id. Generally, I
> find Amaryllids respond fine to *careful* movement when in leaf. Keeping
> the roots intact is very important and may be more of a challenge when
> splitting pots. But provided the plant is more on the uphill side of its
> yearly leaf cycle (assuming a deciduous species), dividing the bulbs now
> should be fine as they will have the spring to recover from transplant
> shock before going dormant again.
>   I assumed the southern hemisphere because otherwise H. coccineus should
> not now be in leaf. If this reader is in the northern hemisphere, the bulbs
> are not H. coccineus. They may be an evergreen (albiflos) or a summer
> growing species (humilis, montanus). Either way though, I'd say any of
> these species should have plenty of time this season to recover if
> transplanted/divided now.

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