Growing Cyclamen purpurascens in an uncongenial climate

Jane McGary
Sun, 24 Aug 2014 18:57:52 PDT
I have had the same experience with Cyclamen purpurascens as Rodger 
Whitlock reports, and he is right. The best way to keep it going on 
the North American west coast is in pots, under a roof.

On the other hand, it is grown beautifully in the US Midwest (and 
presumably in adjacent Canadian provinces, with their hard winters.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

At 03:11 PM 8/24/2014, you wrote:
>For years I've unsuccessfully attempted Cyclamen purpurascens here 
>in Victoria,
>BC and can finally report some success.
>I understand C. p. to be largely a plant of Central Europe: Czechia, perhaps
>Slovakia and Poland, with populations in northern Italy as well. In 
>so I have read, it thrives in Chicago gardens, but here in Victoria the
>combination of bone dry summers, dripping wet winters, and (in my own garden)
>heavy, poorly drained soil has caused seedlings to repeatedlybtake one look
>around after being planted out, then depart for the heavenly compost pile.
>Others in Mediterranean climates may want to emulate the conditions my C. p.
>have; success may yet be yours.

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