Telos Half Price Sale

Diana Chapman
Sun, 24 Aug 2014 20:04:55 PDT
I think I need to clarify some things. You still must meet the $25 
minimum to order and pay the $20 shipping charge.  You can't order one 
bulb.  It is going to be a lot of work for me to unpot and clean these 
enormous bulbs, and I doubt I will break even on this.  You can combine 
them with other things for an order.  I expect to take all of them out 
of the pots early October.  Any that aren't spoken for then will be 
discarded.  The 50% off only applies to the Crinums listed below and all 
Oxalis currently not sold out on the web site, it doesn't apply to other 
things.  You can order Oxalis now at 50% off, forget what I said about 
September 1.  I was going to clear my other Oxalis orders, but it's OK 
to order now.

> Dear Friends:
> I am discontinuing most Crinums since I just don't have the space to 
> grow them any more.  I will keep some of the less common ones. I have 
> C. bulbispermum in red and white or pink colors, C. macowanii, C. 
> moorei and C. delagoense.  Some bulbs are enormous, so I can't offer 
> them to the BX since the work of unpotting and sending them would be 
> considerable, so I am offering them at half price.   I will be 
> trimming roots to send them, and can't ship until after September.  
> You can either e-mail me if you want to order some or print out an 
> order form from the web site.
> Also:  All Oxalis are half price starting September 1.  Here's your 
> chance to get some you don't have!!  Offer lasts until sold out.
> Diana
> Telos Rare Bulbs
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