Growing Cyclamen purpurascens in an uncongenial climate

Robin Hansen
Sun, 24 Aug 2014 20:41:21 PDT
When I was in Denver, Colorado a few years ago, C purp was the most common 
cyclamen I observed in gardens, sometimes without as much shade as I thought 
it should have, as it looked a bit crispy.  I'm told that even at 5,200 
feet, Denver doesn't always get much snow cover.  I haven't had time to get 
it planted out in the garden except once, and it appears not to tolerate 
much competition at least on the West Coast.  It does do well in my shade 
house down to about 12 degrees F, in pots with well-drained mix.  On the 
other hand hederifolium and coum are doing well in the grass of my lawn, in 
very sandy soil, in full sun.

Robin Hansen
Southwest coast of Oregon

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