Hello all

Michael Mace michaelcmace@gmail.com
Sun, 31 Aug 2014 13:41:32 PDT
Hi, Wood!

Kagel Canyon, eh? That's a beautiful area. (For folks who don't know, it's
in the mountains on the edge of Los Angeles.)

I grew up in Granada Hills, about seven miles west of you. My family used to
take drives up into the mountains on weekends, to look at scenery and
plants. The jagged, dry mountains are cut by canyons that are surprisingly
lush and cool. There are a few old homesites along streams up there, with
the homes long gone, where daffodils have naturalized in the thousands and
bloom in the spring. The weather in the mountains is just cold enough to
give the daffs the necessary chill.

Wood, I'm tempted to give you a lecture on the incredible range of
summer-dry bulbs you can grow in southern California that you can't grow in
Louisiana. But I think everyone should grow what they love, and the nice
thing about your climate is that it's flexible enough to grow almost
anything (as long as you can get enough water!). I'm afraid I can't help you
with the summer-wet bulbs you specialize in, but I'm sure you'll find folks
on this list who can.


San Jose, CA

PS: If you get adventurous, you might want to try some of the Amaryllids
that are adapted to your new climate. I'm thinking about Amaryllis (the
species), Brunsvigia, etc. They'll be very easy for you to grow, and look
similar to your Crinums and Hippeastrums, but with a different growth
pattern. They're also very resistant to gophers. I should have some seeds to
share this winter if you're interested. Let me know...

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