Calostemma purpureum

steven hart
Thu, 28 Aug 2014 15:08:41 PDT
Hello Leo, im not so sure about International environments, but here in
Australia in the wild, virtually all callostemma do grow from about 8" to
16' deep, it is correct that in these environments & depths, even in hot
summer, the bulb stays cool... In some places they sit in a permanent moist
zone & others are in soil that completely bakes dry..  However they
virtually all receive summer rains in the wild & in most cases these rains
build up to heavy rain in late summer which triggers the flowering cycle..
I have them growing in a hot dry environment, only planted to a depth of 6
to 8' deep & they are quite happy.. Mine dry out naturally in winter to
spring when hot dry westerly winds dry everything out & its impossible to
get moisture into the ground..
I hope this little bit of info helps with your experiments :)
Steven Queensland Australia

On 28 August 2014 23:39, desertdenial <> wrote:

> When I put mine in the ground last year after 1-2 years in a pot they
> immediately sent up inflorescences.
> Marie Ortiz
> Tolleson, Az
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> This spring I moved my plants to a spot where they get bright shade with
> some very late
> afternoon sun, and watered regularly all summer. They remained in leaf and
> even made a
> few new leaves. One of the plants just yesterday began pushing two
> inflorescences.
> The Wiki says plants should be allowed to dry after leaves yellow. Perhaps
> those in very
> warm-summer climates, or those growing their plants in containers, should
> experiment
> with watering all summer, and deeper containers.
> Leo Martin
> Phoenix Arizona USA
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Steven : )
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