ID Needed & Habranthus Questions

Pamela Slate
Sat, 26 Jul 2014 12:29:48 PDT
Thanks, PBSers, for your ID input. Looks to unanimously be Z.
'Labuffarosea' and I'm sure it is. The flower is so much larger than my
other Zephs that I'm now going to track down the seed source.

I have a bounty of Habranthus seed for the BX. Do I store it in glassine or
paper envelopes or plastic bags in the refrigerator until I send it? I
tried to find information on the PBS website about storing Habranthus seed
specifically and couldn't find it. What is the storage time limit for
Habranthus seed?  Please advise.

And many thanks again,
P Slate

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