ID Needed & Habranthus Questions

Sat, 26 Jul 2014 10:05:03 PDT
One is a Zephyranthes, in which the peduncle and the flower are on a evident vertical axis, "labufarosae".

If a Habranthus, there is an angle at the insertion of the flower ovary and therefore not on the same vertical axis, instead the flower is clearly on an oblique position. 

Roland is right and the flowers are of "labufarosae", although about to die of thirst.

Robustus leaves are greyish, matt.

"labuffarosae" leaves are that broad or broader but a dark shining green.

It is a pity the many fascinating forms of "labufarosae" disappear in cultvation to virus. Each of them is fantastic and worth propagating.

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