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Mon, 21 Jul 2014 12:42:54 PDT
Welcome, Joey,

Here is the standard set of instructions that prefaces each BX offering:

Dear All,

      The items listed below have been donated by our members and friends to be shared.

If you are interested in obtaining some of them, please email me PRIVATELY at
Include "BX ---" in the subject line.

        Specify the NUMBERS of the items which you would like; do not specify quantities. It is a good idea to include your snail mail address, too, in case I do not already have it. Availability is based on a first come, first served system. When you receive your seeds/bulbs you will find, included with them, a statement of how much money (usually $2.00/share of seeds or $3 - $5/share of bulbs)(cash, check, or Pay Pal to <>; no money orders, please) you should send the PBS treasurer. Postage and packaging charges are added.

    Many of you are subscribers to this pbs elist which is free, but are not members of the Pacific Bulb Society which has a yearly membership charge. THIS BX OFFERING IS AVAILABLE ONLY TO MEMBERS of the Pacific Bulb Society. If you are not a member, consider joining so that you can take advantage of future offers such as this. Go to our website: <> 

        If you would like to donate seeds or bulbs/corms to the PBS,(Donors will receive credit on the BX for the cost of postage for their donations.), please send CLEAN, clearly labeled plant materials to:

Dell Sherk
55 W. High St.
Salem, WV 26426

Non US donors should contact Dell for instructions before sending seeds.


On Mon, 7/21/14, James Waddick <> wrote:

 Subject: Re: [pbs] Pacific Bulb Society BX 365
 To: "Pacific Bulb Society" <>
 Date: Monday, July 21, 2014, 11:07 AM
 Dear Joey,
     Congratulations on
 joining the world of the PBS BX. 
     Crinum bulbispermum should be reliably
 hardy for you, but here’s a few beginner hints. Keep the
 pots of seedlings protected some from climate extremes and
 well watered.  I usually bring the seedling pot indoors and
 away from freezing for the first winter. In spring plant
 them out where they get full sun and plenty of room. This
 selection gets to almost 4 ft tall here and wider than that.
 Keep well watered their first year of whenever they seem
 stressed. Once established they are very drought tolerant
 -having been through 2 years of extreme drought here in
 ’12 and ’13.  They do appreciate extra water, but are
 very tolerant of heat, sun and drought. 
     Mine grow in fine grained clay soil, but
 I do mulch and add compost around the base to retain some
 raised beds sound excellent.     We have strong winds
 here too -not a problem. Wishing you good luck and wild
 success, then on to even more varieties of these fascinating
 some other Northern CA members can share their experiences
 with Crinum. 
 Ordering is very simple. Read Dell’s instructions and send
 him an email direct to   
 Include "BX 365" in the subject line and list your
 requests.  Dell will confirm your order and send them ASAP
 with a bill to PBS. Prices are VERY reasonable and listed
 some where on the PBS site.   Would some one send
 this info to Joey and prospective other new members ?
     Dell is very easy to
 communicate with about BX orders and Arnold keeps track of
 the Treasury so it is very easy to know where your order and
 payments stand. You’ll find it so easy and the BX lists so
 tempting you may start  something !
     Hope you have success and enjoyment from
 these seeds.             Best        Jim W.
 On Jul 21, 2014, at 10:25 AM, Joey Russell
 Hello James,
 This will be my first time ordering seeds
 (bulbs) through PBS and I would like to try your Crinum
 seeds.             Any suggestions for success? 
 How do I place my order. 
 I have my $5.00 off coupon for my first BX order that I will
 mail with my payment!
 Joey Russell
 10. Crinum bulbispermum, Jumbo strain  This
 selection has been reliably hardy in my Zone 5/6 garden for
 over a decade without protection. Winters are routinely
 below 0 F.
 Directions for planting success.
 Press the large seeds into your planting mix, do not
 In colder climates such as mine the
 seedlings need extra winter protection for the 1st and 2nd
 Grow in full sun. Plant appreciate
 extra water and good drainage. Over all easy to grow and
 long lived.
 Jim W.
 James Waddick
 8871 NW Brostrom
 Kansas City, MO 64152-2711
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 pbs mailing list
 James Waddick
 8871 NW Brostrom
 Kansas City, MO 64152-2711
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