New edition of Chilean plant book

Diana Chapman
Tue, 17 Jun 2014 10:47:07 PDT
Hi Jane:

I would be interested in a copy.

Diana Chapman

> I have received an announcement of the third edition of the extremely 
> useful book "FLora nativa de valor ornamental, Zona Centro," a 
> botanical and horticultural guide to the plants of that portion of 
> Chile from about Coquimbo south to the northern boundary of the "Lake 
> District," but excluding the high alpines. It thus covers many 
> beautiful bulbous species. If you are interested in seeing the pdf of 
> the offering, let me know and I will forward it to you. This is a 
> prepublication offer, and with shipping the cost per book will be 
> about US $45, I think. The book is actually two volumes, the main one 
> and a smaller one that is a guide to the best places to see the 
> plants. It is color throughout and paperbound and in the previous 
> editions the larger volumes (there are four sets for different parts 
> of the country) have a tendency to fall apart with use. It is in 
> Spanish, but repetitive and straightforward enough to be accessible to 
> most people who know botany and have a dictionary.
> If enough of us are interested we could put together a group order. 
> This would save vastly on shipping cost. The vendor this time is a 
> small botanic garden, and if previous experience holds, they will 
> require payment by wire transfer, which is very expensive for us, 
> though common within Chile. I'm going to write to the vendor and see 
> if the book will be available in any way that might be more convenient 
> outside Chile, such as or, or if they have a 
> PayPal account.
> Jane McGary
> Portland, Oregon, USA
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