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Hi Andrew

There is a volume of "Flora of Southern Africa" which covers Syringodea and
Romulea [Vol. 7, part 2, fascicle 2] published in 1983

In it the 2 genera are revised by Miriam de Vos

Ms de Vos coined the specific epithet "bifucata" at this time

A quote from page 2,2: 4 under S. bifucata "a new name [S. bifucata] is
given which refers, which refers, like the illegitimate epithet bicolor, to
the two-coloured perianth"

Ergo, the name is all about 2-coloured flowers and not about subdivided bits


Peter in Sydney

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I checked, and I found that 'fucata' means 'colored'. Since S. bicolor is
the altermative name I assume that 'S. fucata' is correct. 

San Diego 

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