Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 25 Mar 2014 21:46:13 PDT

Syringodea bifucata Vos, Fl. S. Afr. 7(2: 2): 4 (1983).
Sanbi,  the Kew Check List, The Plant List, and IPNI all agree on 
this name (replacing Syringodea bicolor).

A search for fucata, botany, greek retrieved this reference:

A Popular California flora, or, Manual of botany for beginners

fucata = colored
It seems the meaning of the plant didn't really change with the changed name.

>My question is lexical, rather than botanical, in nature. Is 
>'bifucata' the correct species name or should it be 'bifurcata'.
>I have seen the bulb appear multiple times under both names on the 
>internet. If 'bifucata' is correct perhaps somebody can explain what 
>it means. Thanks

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