Fw: Haemanthus barkerae seed germination

Ken kjblack@pacbell.net
Wed, 12 Mar 2014 13:08:35 PDT
Oops ... thanks Gastil ... yes, a cut and paste error.  The middle link below, of the bloom from last September, should be:


- Ken

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I harvested 8 seeds last December, off my Haemanthus barkerae bulb which produced two separate blooms 3 months earlier, in September.  Two of the seeds germinated and produced leaves almost immediately ... but the other seeds have yet to do so.  The remaining seeds themselves seem to appear healthy, plump and solid and unaffected by fungi or molds.  I've kept them moist, in bright light but not direct sunlight, outdoors this past very mild winter here in San Diego.  Should I continue to wait and give them a chance at germination?  Should seeds of this species be completely covered, for better germination?

here's a shot of them as of today:


here's the bloom last September:


the seeds when harvested last December:


Ken Blackford
San Diego, California  

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