Tropaeolum hookerianum

B Spencer
Wed, 12 Mar 2014 14:34:34 PDT
Since we are discussing tropaeolum, I got some seeds of tropaeolum 
polyphyllum from Chileflora a couple of years ago and planted then in a 
quart pot.  I had some germination but did not look after the seedlings 
properly and last summer there was no sign of life in the pot. I kept in 
anyway in a cool greenhouse over winter and to my surprise I have three 
shoots in the pot now. The tubers worked themselves to  the bottom of the 
pot and I can see then through the drainage holes. Now what? Should I repot 
it to a much larger pot?  If so, when?
Beaver Creek Nurseries had it on their site that tropaeolum polyphyllum is 
hardy to zone 5.  Is it true? Could I plant them in my gravel cactus bed 
Does anybody have any experience with growing it in zone 5, Great Lakes 

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Welcome Tom,

My Tropaeolum hookerianum is blooming for the first time on 2 year old 
seedlings, just opened yesterday. 

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