Tropaeolum hookerianum

Gastil Gastil-Buhl
Tue, 11 Mar 2014 16:17:38 PDT
Welcome Tom, 

My Tropaeolum hookerianum is blooming for the first time on 2 year old seedlings, just opened yesterday. The mother plant, from Telos Rare Bulbs, was quite a cloud of purple when it bloomed, but it has stopped emerging. Tropaeolum tubers do that sometimes. I sent seeds of these to the PBS exchange last year and if the bees do their work I'll be sending more seed this year. But 2 years is too long for you to wait for your paintings. So if you would like to refer to my photos I would be happy to share. I take far too many photos, some very close-up and sometimes with a grid useful for drawing. I admire botanical illustration. Let me know what sort of photos would help most. 

Here are some photos from past years:…

This one gives a sense of the small scale of these flowers, with a fly in one:…

- Gastil

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