Hello from a new member

Tom Brown tom@yfelin.plus.com
Tue, 11 Mar 2014 15:05:17 PDT
Hi. I have joined pbs to find info. and planting materials for the Genus
tropaeolum. I live in Wales UK, you can see photos. of our countryside
at http://www.yfelin.plus.com/ . I have selected tropaeolum as a subject for a
series of botanical illustrations to be produced over the next year to
eighteen months. I have recently acquired the following species....
T. brachyceras; T. ciliatum; T. polyphylum; T. tuberosum Ken Aslet; 
T. piliphera. I would like to add a few others to the list such as T.azureum
and T. incisum. What I am looking for is a variety of species that would show 
something of the variety of form, habit and colour within the genus in a series of 8 
or 10 paintings.

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