How long do Fritillaria agrestis blooms last?

Jane McGary
Sat, 29 Mar 2014 11:25:12 PDT
When Fritillaria agrestis begins to flower, as it has just done here 
(stinking out the bulb house), you can expect to see flowers in good 
condition for about two weeks -- perhaps more if the weather is cool 
and wet, which it probably isn't in the plant's native habitat in the 
central California Coast Range. The flowers are predominantly green 
and smell like dog droppings, the only American species that has a 
pronounced unpleasant scent.

Jane McGary
Portland, Oregon, USA

At 07:12 PM 3/28/2014, you wrote:
>David R. asks, via the contact form,
>"Hi, I'm wondering how long Fritillarias bloom? If I found Fritillaria
>agrestis in bloom now, how long will the blooms last if I want to
>bring my friend to see them? Thanks a bunch! David"
>The wiki shows photos taken in March
>and 'Bulbs of North America' gives a bloom time of mid-March to mid- 
>April so now is a good time to go see these in the wild.
>Please respond to the list and David will view the answers here.
>- Gastil

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