Sharing seeds of rare plants/GMOs

Tim Eck
Fri, 14 Nov 2014 05:12:32 PST
It's unlikely - at least in the USA where it costs tens of millions to pass
all the legal tests.  So far, only commercial crops have been released.
There is an interesting event coming up where cis-genic potatoes were
"genetically engineered" introducing potato genes into potatoes
artificially.  Transgenic potatoes were already rejected by McDonalds but
they have yet to decide on cis-genic potatoes not obtained by traditional

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I wonder that if there were GMO ornamental geophytes commercially available?

(The human introduced bees should not be treated as natural pollinators
since they are not the native species and populations of most area. They
should be treated as competitors for the Carrying Capacity of Environment of
the native natural pollinators.)


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