Sharing seeds of rare plants/GMOs

Fri, 14 Nov 2014 07:28:09 PST
Fierycloud I feel compelled to come to the defense of the Honey Bee. While it is true that the honey bee is not native to North America where I live I am not aware of any studies that show the honey bee is causing the demise of native pollinators. Habitat destruction is the number one problem followed by pesticides.They are above ground cavity dwellers and do not compete with any other pollinators for housing. Bumble bees are ground cavity dwellers. They are opportunistic nectar and pollen gatherers and nonaggressive at the flower. Native pollinators generally work flowers in weather conditions where the honey bee stays at home. I do not believe a Carrying Capacity of the Environment for pollinators has been established.  

Ken P
Old Bridge, NJ
Zone 6b

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