Tim Eck
Fri, 07 Nov 2014 07:51:46 PST
The friend who gave me the bulbs used method 1 in my prior email, while I
(being much lazier) used method 2 and I only conjecture that method 3 would
work to deter voles.
Planting depth is mostly irrelevant as the new bulbs will adjust according
to their own nature.
I am in zone 6B in Lancaster county PA USA, but the ones I planted in State
College PA (zone 5a) survived also.  They grow exceptionally well here in
soils in residuum of limestone but should grow well in other good soils.
Although we don't have dry summers, they do seem to survive our
intermittently soggy summers.
I know I have lots of voles here as they are well represented in the random
samplings of wildlife my cats present me with.  I believe I have mostly pine
voles as half my juvenile apple trees have keeled over.  (they attack the
roots and gobble up the roots on one side and the tree falls over in the
next wind)
My foliage only gets to a little over a foot (.3m-.35m) and it definitely
weeps rather than standing erect as in most spring crocus. 

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	So I am sort of surprised at the range of comments here and lack of
some actual experience in growing these common bulbs.  Seems to be a number
of communication problems.

	It would certainly help if each person who tells about their own
actual bulbs tells us where in the world they are growing these things.
Experience, climate and individual differences matter a lot.

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